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Vertical Blind Repair Tabs and Vertical Blind Stem Replacement Window Blind for Broken and Missing Vertical Blinds Repairing (24 Pieces)


  • “What you receive: our repair kit includes stem for vertical window blind and clear vertical blind repair tabs, the quantity is for you to choose, no matter the vertical blind tabs or the stem is broken, you can fix it very quickly, simple repair alternative replacing the whole vertical blind”
  • “High-strength hold: our self-adhesive blind fixer tabs come pre-coated with glue to create a strong hold on your blinds that will last and last, cleaning your blinds and allowing them to dry before application, increases sticking power for a permanent repair”
  • “Appropriate size: the vertical repair tab is approx. 1 x 1 inch in size, and the stem for vertical window blind is about 1.18 x 0.3 inch, please check the size information carefully before purchasing, so as to ensure it matches your part exactly to the base”
  • “Easy to use: you just need to peel off the backing of the tabs and apply directly to the broken vertical blind slat, very easy to use and very sturdy, for the broken stem, just remove the broken stem from the blind slats and replace them with the new one”
  • “Easy matching: these stems for vertical window blind and tabs are designed in white and transparent color, simple and convenient, suitable for almost all colors and textures of plastic blinds, and will bring you a lot of convenience, compatible with many models of vertical blinds”

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HomeAmore Clear Professional Quality Vertical Blind Repair Tabs by Eagle Smart Acc. Strong Clear Vane Savers Repair Broken Holes in PVC Plastic Vertical Blinds, Textures, C and S Curve Vanes.(7 Pack)




Blind and Broken


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    100 Pack Vertical Blind Vane Saver ~ Ivory Curved Repair Clips ~ Fixes Broken


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      Amazing Drapery Hardware Tilt Wand Tip, Repair for Broken Horizontal Blind Tilt Wand : Clear (3)


      • Tilt Wand Tip, Repair for Broken Horizontal Blind Tilt Wand

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      Amazing Drapery Hardware Tilt Wand Tip, Repair for Broken Horizontal Blind Tilt Wand (10)


      • Tilt Wand Tip, Repair for Broken Horizontal Blind Tilt Wand


      Amazing Drapery Hardware Wand Assembly Kits, Repair for Broken Horizontal Blind Tilt Wand (5)



        Blind and Broken


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          10 Pack Vertical Blind Vane Saver ~ Ivory Curved Repair Clips ~ Fixes Broken Vertical Blind Vane


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